Thursday, 8 May 2014

Can Palm Sugar replace the "Fatty" White Sugar?

Did you know that Palm  Sugar was the staple sweetener in Ancient India for thousands of years? In recent years especially after British Invasion, we switched to white bleached sugar. The incidence of diabetes in past generations ,say about a hundred years back, was much less as compared to now.

Palm sugar is a natural sweetener made from the sap of palm trees. When the palm tress are about 15 to 20 years old they commence flowering and it is only then that they yield the sweet sap from which palm sugar is made.

Palm Sugar is in powder form which is easily storable (does not need refrigeration), usable, measurable and instantly dissolvable.
Palm sugar enhances the taste of any dish. It tastes great with milk, milk shakes, soy milk, coconut milk, Cold Coffee, Iced teas, Herbal tea, Ice creams, Sweets, Puddings and all kinds of bakery and confectionary items like Cookies, Caked and Muffins.
Palm sugar cooks, dissolves and melts just like regular sugar, it has slightly different taste. As Wikipedia states, "The taste of pure coconut palm sugar resembles that of brown sugar, yet with more rounded caramel and butterscotch notes, without the metallic ending flavor that brown sugar has. It has a rich flavor." 

Can Palm Sugar replace our existing white sugar?

      Replacing white sugar with palm sugar will definitely help prevent or postpone onset of diabetes because of it’s significantly lower Glycemic Index (GI). This can be particularly important for people who have family histories of diabetes or people who are diabetic prone. However, it CANNOT be used as a cure after diagnosed as having diabetes.
      Palm Sugar is NOT Sugar free or a substitute for Sugar free sweeteners, since the GI is low, replacing cane sugar with palm sugar for all kinds of sweetening needs helps PREVENT diabetes and to loose weight. Palm Sugar is slightly less sweeter - contains 86% sweetness compared to white sugar.
      As per University of Sydney's GI Database, the largest database of GI food values in the world, palm sugar makers report that its GI is 35, compared with honey at 55 and table sugar at 68. Yet palm sugar contains roughly the same amount of calories and sugar--about 15 calories and 3 grams of sugar per teaspoon. So, don't go crazy on palm sugar, remember to use it in same portion as white sugar.
      However, Palm Sugar is Thermogenic, that is, it takes more energy for your body to burn it. So it will increase metabolism, unlike many other weight loss diets. Palm Sugar helps burn fat. Generally Insulin makes store fat. Palm Sugar prevents insulin from flooding into the system. It also circulates glucagons. Glucagon stimulates fat burning.
      It supports growth of young children, decreases pancreas heat, strengthens heart, bone and teeth; help prevent diabetes, arthritis and respiratory ailments.
·     Palm Sugar does not give Sugar Rush in children - the hyper activity because of high sugar level in blood after consuming white sugar, since the GI of Palm Sugar is Low ! 

White Sugar
Palm Sugar
Cane Sugar is Sweet
Palm Sugar is sweet and delicious
It contains approximately 86% sweetness as compared to white sugar
It has more sugar content
It has less sugar content
Cane sugar sometimes create ill effects on the health
It creates cough and cold when consumed in high quantity

Palm sugar solution proves a wonderful food in both early stages and chronic stages of Typhoid 
It is good remedy for cough and cold
It treats no health problem
It treats following diseases
a) reduction of BP
b) To decrease pancreas heat
c) To strengthen heart
d) Helps to build up strong teeth
e) Reduces pita
It has no/ less nutrition value
It contains: a) Thiamine b) Riboflavin
c) Nicotinic Acid d) Ascorbic Acid e) Protein f) Vitamin C

The bottom line: Go ahead and enjoy palm sugar's caramel-sweetness in foods and gain from its health benefits. But remember to use it in small amounts, as you would any sugar.

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