Monday, 23 February 2015

Meet our Employee: Murali Gowda

He is our first employee onboard. He works part time with us. Many of our customers in whitefield might have seen him.

He is 18 years. A silent, polite, honest boy who comes loaded with a great attitude. He is currently studying diploma in computer science. He is very good with photoshop and loves riding his motorcycle. His father is an electrician and mother is a home maker.He aspires to be an honest police officer one day. 

He has established himself as an integral part of healthy buddha.

He absolutely loves the fact that he delivers organically grown chemical free vegetables and fruits to his customers and making a difference in his own way.

Know our Customer Series: Seema

Seema is a mother of two, who originally hails from Kerala. She lived in UAE for 14 years and is currently settled in Bangalore. 

Of all her varied interests, organic gardening takes the prime spot. She had successfully grown vegetables in her backyard in the desert country and presently has a garden in her balcony too. She is equally passionate about waste management and was a key player in implementation of the same in her society. She also is an avid baker (whole wheat) and loves to try her hands on different cuisines.

She turned organic way, not only to provide chemical-free food to her family, but also to support the initiatives trying to stop the abuse of our natural resources. She wants to inspire her kids to a healthy living, connecting them back to the nature.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

What does HB Organic Mean?

           What does HB Organic Mean?

·      15 years of Organic Experience & Knowhow
·       Our produce comes from:
    • Our own certified farms & Co-developed organic farms in Tamilnadu & Karnataka
    • Network of 100+ trusted farmers across India. We have helped convert 50+ farmers to organic.
    • Non Perishables come from the best of Organic Farmers (many award winning farms)
·       How do we ensure the produce is Organic?
    • Each Farmer is carefully handpicked after a rigorous assessment by experts
§  Field visits, Technical analysis, Sample testing
§  Reference and validation from Industry experts on the farmer & his produce
§  Multiple cases where we refused to buy the produce post farm visits or sample testing
    • Certification ~ wherever feasible
    • We work with farmers who are equally passionate about Organic
·         Continuous monitoring throughout the year
    • Surprise farm visits to audit for practices. We have blacklisted few farmers post such visits.
    • Random sample testing
    • Our experts share best practices (pesticide infestation, yield, quality) across farmers
    • We continuously pass on feedback from customers to farmers for quality
 “Don’t Trust Anyone. Trust your Tongue. Many of the organic produce like carrots, cabbage, dal, fruits one will be able to make out a marked difference in taste and the way it cooks compared to the one laden with chemicals” Murali PB, Award Winning Organic Farmer. Mentor, Healthy Buddha Organic

Meet our Customer: Kiruthika M

I was born in Chennai, grew up in Trichy & studied Biotechnology. Now, I have 2 adorable boys (my son and husband) who keep me on my toes. Apart from vicariously going to school thanks to my son, I love to cook and collect recipes. Embroidery is something I picked up from my mom. I love to read and discuss everything under the sun.

My parents were always searching for healthier foods when I was growing up and I guess it caught on to me. Once I had my own family to take care of, I turned completely organic. I hadn't thought about it before I sat down to write this, good eating habit is indeed the best gift one can give to their child. Adding to this, during my college days, I had to memorize a bunch of organophosphates, organochlorines and it scared me enough that I didn't want them anywhere near me or my family (one good use of sitting through a year of entomology).

Saturday, 14 February 2015

An example of how we don't compromise when it comes to Organic

Today, We refused buying potatoes from a farm which grows organically without chemicals. The taste was just fine. Logistically would have worked out well for us. The farmer was desperate to sell , so would have sold it at a less price. But still we refused.

Two reasons for rejecting the same:
1. When we visited the farm, we saw his farm in very close proximity to a grape farm which was grown conventionally. Typically grape farms use lot of chemicals and there is a high risk of chemicals getting spread over.
2. The farm had used chemicals about 6-7 years back. It was lying idle for about 6 years and they had started growing organically for the last one year. With this only the top soil would have got eroded, chemicals will still be in the soil. For it to be truly organic, one will either need to detoxify the soil.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The Bitter Sweet Truth by Varuna Rao

I’m a junkie, well in a healthy way! I love to run and workout in the gym. My gym happens to be very strategically placed right above a donut shop.

Hot aromatic sugar kissed donuts tempt me every time I walk my way towards the gym but never they could manage to make me succumb to the temptation.

If you’re salivary glands are already in hyper mode and you have reached out for your favorite cookie or chocolate bar you probably are what is commonly known as a “SUGAR ADDICT”.

Never heard of the term SUGAR ADDICT? Believe it or not Sugar does create dependency, infact there are researches that show intermittent access to sugar is capable of producing a “dependency in rats”.

Sugar, whether added to food by you or the manufacturer, is the greatest threat for the current generation.
Unless we get wise and understand the hidden dangers it offers like obesity, Childhood obesity, Insulin resistance etc. there is no way we can stop this epidemic.

Sucrose (sugar) is made up of fructose and glucose molecules.
Fructose, which is normally referred to as fruit sugar, is metabolized in a very different manner than normal glucose.
Excess fructose is not metabolized for energy rather stored as fat deposits in the cells, which in the long run lead to insulin resistant diabetes.

So should we stop eating apples and other fruits because of FRUCTOSE?

Well the answer is no, because the concentration of fructose in a apple vs a fructose syrup is very different.
1 medium apple weighing around 150 gm will have approx. 10 gm of fructose vs. corn syrup, which is upto 90% fructose.

Fructose, a cheap sweetener usually derived from corn, is used in thousands of food products and soft drinks owing to its high sweetness quotient and cheap price.

The total calories do count but the source is more important.
A recent research showed that a surplus of 150 calories more every day increases the rate of diabetes by 0.1 %. But if those 150 calories came from a can of fizzy drink, the rate went up 1.1 per cent. Added sugar is 11 times more potent at causing diabetes than general calories.

Sweet as it might taste there is nothing sweet about sugar.  You need to be wise enough to turn that pack and read the label before you pick up any of those fat free food bags or Fruit Juices and look for any added sugar or high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

Avoid so-called energy drinks and sports drinks because they are loaded with sugar, sodium. Rehydrating with tender coconut water, home made lemonade or plain potable water is a far better choice.

Be careful and do read the label before picking up any breakfast cereal or health bars.

Choose well Eat wise live happy
About The Author: Varuna Rao
A strong believer of holistic approach to attain realistic health and wellness goals, Varuna is a Nutrition expert currently pursuing her PhD in Nutrition. She holds a Master's degree in Food Science and Nutrition.

She has consulted people from all walks of life, of all age groups and of varying fitness levels and has fine-tuned her methods to fit the lifestyle of the Urban Indian. Apart from being a mother she is also a nutrition and wellness coach, an avid runner, health enthusiast and traveller.

Know our Customer: Abhigna

Otherwise a cynical being, I dream about environmental sustainability (that's indeed a weighty term, and why stop at healthy food!) turning into a fundamental right. Now, I'm looking to get in touch with people who believe that holistic production and distribution are essential for holistic living and are working towards realising this, at any scale, mainly targeting the middle and lower classes.

Regarding my background, having chosen the very lively Bombay as the temporary anchor for my vagabond soul, I've just shifted base to Bangalore to look after a loved one who's taken ill. Here, along with my wonderful partner Alex, I have been looking for ways to ensure good health for us all. While me and mum were skeptical about finding genuine and reasonably priced organic options, Alex was quick in finding Healthy Buddha appealing, what's with the variety, quality assurance, pricing, and home-delivery convenience. HB lives up to its promise, and while I continue looking at other organic options for better cost and quality, nothing has surpassed it yet. Mum observes how the produce tastes and turns out much like the food available in her small Andhra town decades ago (for example, the skin of the nati [country, as opposed to hybrid] tomato is supposed to roll out on being cooked, unlike the so-called nati variety available in the market). It's been two months, and I can say it helped me turn vegetarian once again, and everyone feels healthier.

While I believe we (and that includes those who can't read this) should be able to walk up to our neighborhood vegetable cart to get our daily fresh, organic, and affordable produce (which is tough given the many industries thriving on the unhealthy and borderline evil methods that produce our conventional food), I commend organisations like HB that take us some steps closer to realising this dream. :)

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Meet our Employee: Prabhu

Prabhu is a friendly talkative college going 21 year old student who works part time with Healthy Buddha. Those in Whitefield would have seen this ever smiling lad.

He is originally from Yadhagiri village in Karnataka. His father is a pump operator and mother is a house wife. He moved to Bangalore about 7 years back to pursue his education and lives with his brother. He is currently pursuing Diploma in Automobile Engineering. He hopes to pursue a career in a car company post his education.

In his free time he enjoys listening to film music. He enjoys working at Healthy Buddha along with his friends and making a difference in people's life by delivering chemical free organic food.

He is a smart boy with high integrity who has a great career ahead of him.  We are happy that he is part of Healthy Buddha's Journey.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Best Farmer Award to Mr. Murali PB

Well, Ladies & Gentlemen, we are proud to say Mr. Murali PB, Mentor of Healthy Buddha, has been awarded with Best Farmer "Mankanni Chemmal" Award by Tamilnadu Agricultural University & Tamilnadu government.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Meet one of the Brilliant Farmer we work with: Anthony Samy

Meet one of the Brilliant Farmer's we work with: Anthony Samy. 

This Video talks about Organic Farming in general and how successful some of the farmers like Anthony Swamy have been in Tamilnadu. 

This video also mentions Mr. Murali as one of the role model farmers in Chennai Region (10:13). Mr. Murali is the mentor/ technical advisor for Healthy Buddha.

Bank Account Details of Healthy Buddha

Account Name: Healthy Buddha
Account Number: 502 00000 280300
​HDFC Current Account
IFSC: HDFC0001472

Branch Name: MEENA PLAZA

Since name invariably does not show, request you to mention your name in the comment/ remark section. Also once transferred, do drop us a note, so we know it is transferred. 

Hassle Free Pre Paid Plan that Gives additional credit upto Rs. 850

Hassle Free Pre Paid Plan that gives additional credit
  • Pre Pay Rs. 4000 ~ Get additional credit of Rs. 250 (Total Value Rs. 4250)
  • Pre Pay Rs. 8000 ~ Get additional credit of Rs. 550 (Total Value Rs. 8550)
  • Pre Pay Rs. 12000 ~ Get additional credit of Rs. 850 (Total Value Rs. 12850)

Key Advantages
~ Not time bound. You can carry it over if you are travelling.
~ Hassle free transaction. No worrying about change.

  • We will give you a transaction statement once a month or when the balance is about to get over, so you know how you are utilising your money and in control.
  • We are building the wallet feature in our website (another 2-3 weeks). So you will get a visibility of the transactions of your wallet online.
Note: Prepayment cannot be used to set off old dues. Credits available only for transactions that occurs after prepayment. For instance, you have a due of Rs. 400. Please transfer Rs. 4400.

Bank Account Details of Healthy Buddha

Account Name: Healthy Buddha
Account Number: 502 00000 280300
​HDFC Current Account
IFSC: HDFC0001472
Branch Name: MEENA PLAZA

Since name invariably does not show, request you to mention your name in the comment/ remark section. Also once transferred, do drop us a note, so we know it is transferred. 

Know our Customer: Afsha Khan Jayapal

Born and brought up in Mumbai, I never really longed for anything other than a good, crunchy onion at meal times and a bit more open space. Since I moved to Bangalore two years ago, I have learned to live without the former, but I can’t imagine how I ever went without so much beauty, greenery and space.
I’m a writer by profession and spend a lot of my free time planning ways to create a lifestyle that is green, environmentally responsible and (somewhat) more sustainable.  
I started eating organic because I like knowing where my food come from, how long it has travelled to get to my plate and that it was grown by responsible farmers who are working towards better and more sustainable future. That it also happens to be grown without the aid of chemicals is quite a bonus.