Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Know our Customer: Bijal Vachharajani

I divide my time between reading Harry Potter, visiting forests and baking. I am a consultant with Fairtrade India and was previously the editor of Time Out Bengaluru. 

How did I turn organic?
Years ago, my former boss Bittu Sahgal introduced me to Rachel Carson's iconic book Silent Spring. The book shook me completely, compelling me to think about our relationship with nature and where our food comes from. 

As part of my work, I am privileged to meet farmers from all parts of India. I have had several conversations with organic farmers and realise that making organic a part of my life is the only way to live and grow food in a sustainable manner. 

I love Healthy Buddha's fresh produce, especially when the soppus come into the house and everything smells of the earth.