Sunday, 29 November 2015

Know our Customer: HARIDAS & Family

We are a family of three; my wife (writer), myself (graphic consultant) and our 8 year old daughter whom we homeschool. We have been eating organic food for several years now. This was a direct repercussion of a decision we took when we were in our mid 30s -  to consciously stay away from allopathic medicines, hospitals, doctors and to take charge of our own health. Among the many changes we made to our life style after speaking to THAC (The Health Awareness Centre, Mumbai), the main change was the food we consumed. Our food became our medicine; we changed the way we ate and what we ate. Since about 60 percent of our diet became fruits and salads, we really had no choice but to start scouting around for pesticide-free produce. In the initial years, there were very few organic vendors. We had to juggle between several suppliers, sometimes travelling across the city to pick up produce and also reworking our finances to manage the occasional absurdly high costs. 

So the highlight of 2015 has been discovering Anurag and Gautam's organic company. The sheer variety, freshness and fair pricing of their produce has meant that we no longer need to scramble around to buy our food. For the past 11 months, it has been a relief and a luxury to be able to source all our kitchen requirements from Healthy Buddha and have them courteously home-delivered every Wednesday evening. We have not had the pleasure of meeting Gautam as yet but we have met Anurag and were heartened by his earnestness and transparency in revealing their sources to us. Most organic vendors we meet, usually mumble something under their breath when asked where they source their produce from!

We must also add that we have never questioned the effort we had to put in to run an almost 100 percent organic kitchen - the results are evident to us. In the last 8 years or so, nobody in our family has needed to take medicine and we treat any infection, illness or injury with food, rest and common sense.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Know our Customer: Subhashini Annamalai

I am Subhashini, a native of Tamil Nadu, and a Bangalorean for the past 10 years. Once a Software Engineer, I am now a stay-at-home Mom. Along with taking care of my 7 year old and 2 year old, I also take time out to explore my hobbies and other areas of interest. These include reading, cooking, baking, gardening, composting and, recently, sustainable living.

It was a series titled “Aaram Thinai” by Dr. Sivaraman in the Tamil weekly “Ananda Vikatan” that first made me aware of the harmful, pesticide and preservative laden food that we eat every day. That, followed by the various articles on sustainability that I read on the online portal “The Alternative”, inspired me to take my baby steps towards a healthier, wholesome and sustainable lifestyle.

We first started with buying organic vegetables and fruits and slowly expanded to organic groceries. I remember, the first time we tasted organic dal, my husband and I were transported to our childhood days. From then, there was no turning back. Now, I am happy and satisfied to see my children eating real food, something that we all grew up eating.

Yes, organic food costs twice as much as regular food. But I look at this as an investment that I make in our family’s health. This is what I tell my friends in order to convince them to go organic – “Cut down eating out by just one time a month and that amount could easily compensate for the extra cost needed to go organic”. Also, once you start eating healthy, all the processed/packaged food gets cut from your shopping list, thereby reducing the grocery bill further.

It is really important for more and more people like us to switch to organic food so that we encourage more farmers to turn to organic farming. I sincerely hope there would be a day soon when organic food would become affordable to everyone on this planet.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Know our Customer: Lakshmi Menon

I am from "God's own country" - Kerala, But been living in Bangalore since close to 14 yrs now with my Husband Sathish and two kids Rahul (8 Yrs) and Malavika ( 1.8 Yrs).

I work for an Multinational Software firm and strive to strike a balance between home and work always !
I have a passion for growing my own veggies & though not quite self sufficient  at the moment have started in a small way and feel elated from the Garden to Kitchen Feel!

I get paranoid reading /watching about the amount of chemicals and pesticides loaded into fruits , vegetables, and everything we eat and the harm it can do to all of us while consuming them. 

My decision to go organic started with me getting into the mud to sow and reap in a small way and knowing its pure and fresh but needed to find someone who could provide me healthy fruits ,vegetables and groceries on a permanent basis and my search ended with "Healthy Buddha"

At first, Honestly I had doubts as many a times people promise "Organic" but it ends up more as a tag!  But like they say the best proof of whether a fruit or vegetable is Organic lies in the taste and I can vouch for the fact that the produce from Healthy Buddha tastes just as vegetables and fruits I tasted when I was a kid where vegetables and fruits came from the Farm most of the times with no chemicals loaded!

I enjoy cooking with the fresh  vegetables and fruits now as I am happy its the best I can get for me and my family !Have done my bit of eating healthy by trying to use only organic produce and  even if it is a tad costly ( as is the crib normally). I guess it is better than eating chemically loaded stuff and ending up paying  heavy hospital Bills later :) 

Most of my friends are Healthy Buddha clients now and I am glad I could spread the word and help them live healthy and what's so comforting is knowing it comes straight out of the farm with the smell of mud in the Greens and the natural color of the Brocolli and carrots to name a few :) . I am also super impressed that excess they have on a day is given to a old age home which is commendable.

I now feel satisfied that my family eats healthy produce which does not contain  chemicals, wax and toxins loaded into them ! I don't get hyper seeing my son Munching Brocolli or my daughter having mashed apples :)

Friday, 20 November 2015

Know our Customer: Usha Krishnan

I'm from Chennai, grew up all over Tamil Nadu and have been living in Bangalore for 13 years. Started my career as an IT professional and then did a lot of consulting in UK, US and SEA before quitting and doing an MBA from France. I started my own Startup Fundraising firm in 2008, inspired by my Husband, a successful entrepreneur. I've evolved into an Angel investor and serial entrepreneur over the years.

I like be earth friendly as much as I can and as an impaneled mentor for CII Green Businesses Initiative have helped various green companies raise funding. I have always believed in eating healthy and leaving as less a carbon footprint as possible. I like to be locavore to avoid food miles and consume only locally sourced food items. I always liked to eat organic vegetables, one can actually taste the difference in the veggies and consequently in the dishes prepared with organic ingredients. But I couldn't be as green as I wanted because of my work schedule and travel.

After the birth of my daughter, I decided to go completely organic. I did not want my feed her anything treated with pesticides or genetically modified. Coming from a family of garden aficionados, I even started an organic garden in my balconies. I have been successful in growing a lot of herbs and vegetables in my balconies but could hardly meet my family's consumption. Coming across Healthy Buddha in one of the organic gardening events was really great. I was finding it difficult to get all kinds of organic vegetables for my needs. But HB makes it easy and bring fresh organic produce directly to my doorstep.

Everyone in my family is feeling the health benefits of going completely organic and I have been convincing others in my extended family to go organic too.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Know our Customer: Sunitha Mookken

I am from Kerala and work as a Technical Writer in Bangalore. I have a 7 year old and a 5 month old.

It is when I was pregnant for the second time that I finally went organic. I had been meaning to for a long time, but like New Year resolutions, it never really happened. With pregnancy the urge to eat right returned and now I am a regular organic food buyer.

My 7 year old loves fruits and now I don't have to worry about contaminated food. I will soon be giving my baby applesauce made with fresh, organic apples.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Know our Customer: Shriranjani Balaji

I am Shriranjani Balaji and I have two children Pratyush and Prakruti.  I am an IT professional who is passionate about cooking, baking in particular. I try to understand the constituents of a dish, their nutritional value and the food group they belong to. As a family we enjoy travelling and have a special interest in jungles, natural habitats and historic locations. We also love reading, star gazing, junkyard science experiments and bake alongs.

Although my family is from Tamilnadu, my father moved to Bangalore in the 70s and we have been living in Whitefield all along. As kids, We used to grow our own vegetables in our kitchen garden. My dad would travel to lalbagh to get seeds and allocate portions for each of us to grow carrots, radish, brinjals, ladiesfinger, greens, mint etc. We also had chikoo, mango and jackfruit trees at home.

I had been thinking about going organic for a long time but was deterred as I had friends who said there is no point in going partially organic. My son loves raw fruits and vegetables and I would always be worried about letting him eat it inspite of washing multiple times. The tipping point came when I once started eating an apple and it almost tasted like a raw pesticide L

Now that we have gone the organic way, my family appreciates the difference in taste and loves every dish that is churned out and is happy to gulp down bowls of soup, salads and curries. I no longer worry about kids eating raw fruits and vegetables J

I believe that we should eat food that is locally grown and adapt our diet according to the climatic conditions. Although we still have a long way to go in replacing breakfast cereal, biscuits, pastas and candies with our delicacies, I am glad we are on the right track.

Friday, 6 November 2015

6 things you did NOT know about Healthy Buddha

  • Our produce comes from a mix of our farms and associated farms. Founders & other healthy buddha technical experts physically go and check the farms for organic practices, try the produce before we start selling. We also do random audits. Click here. Thereby ensuring organic authenticity. 

  • We sell NOT just anything. We curate products. If you notice carefully, many of the popular brands will be missing from our list. That's a conscious decision. We list only products that we are personally convinced about. We buy direct from our farmers and small proprietors who are passionate about what they do are doing.
  • We harvest produce based on your order, and typically deliver the same evening or next day morning post harvest. This is as fresh as you can get!

  • We donate excess good vegetables to an old age home in Whitefield. So we not only give back, we don't try to recycle old vegetables to our customers.

  • We hire employees from humble background, and train them up. Read know our employee section in our blog.

  • We try hard to ensure good quality consistently. However, given the perishable nature and heavy dependency on mother nature, there are occasional misses. In case any of our products are unsatisfactory at the time of delivery, please feel free to return them. We log each feedback and the founders personally review to ensure action. Drop us a note, if you like or don't like something. you will get a response from Gautham or Anurag within 2-4 days.
  • We are trading organic certified by a 3rd Party agency (APOF)