Friday, 12 February 2016

You still eating Maida (refined flour)? Here's why you should avoid it.

Can you find any bakery / store bought item where Maida is not used ? Unless specified ,  they all use Maida for almost every item prepared, as it is the cheapest flour available and at the same time make the bakery / store bought food more attractive and appetizing. In many of the packaging, they are cleverly worded as "Refined Flour'.  Look out for it when you buy any of these next time.

What is Maida?
Maida is simply the left over waste from wheat flour after all its nutrients [ germ and bran ] are extracted. It is then bleached with Benzoyl peroxide and further softened using Alloxan. And we are provided with a more appealing and softer flour which brings a very good texture for the variety of food prepared with it, Except the only fact that it is not providing you or your growing children with any of the nutirents which food intake is supposed to provide. Maida is used for almost every bakery preparation nowadays. Bread, Pasta & Cakes. 

Why is it NOT good for you?

  • Both these chemicals Benzoyl peroxide & Alloxan can be harmful for human health. Alloxan affect the pancreas and put the consumer at risk of diabetes.
  • Maida is also heavy, which means it takes a long time to digest in the body. 
  • White bread, baked from Maida, forms a major component of our diet and is harmful as well. It is directly linked to the increase in obesity and poor overall health. 
  • As white flour products have almost no roughage, they put immense pressure on the digestive system and can even cause intestinal infections.

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