Monday, 5 March 2018

Tomato Prices - how much does HB Pay?

Our hearts bleed to read such news where farmers are forced to dump their produce in lakes. On the other hand, few customers did ask us why are our tomato prices as high at Rs. 24-25 when the market rate is as low as 10.

If you are wondering why does the cost go so low? It is a function of demand and supply. Currently there is excess supply of tomatoes in market resulting in huge dip in the prices.

Imagine after 3 months of hard work, the farmer gets only Rs. 2- Rs. 4/kg? Isn't it unfair? So at HB, we have mutually agreed with our farmers a minimum price limit of Rs. 21 (including transport 1rs). This is the minimum price we would pay when the price drops well below it, like it does currently.

HB Customers can be proud that HB team pay a fair rate to our farmers.